Young people make for easy targets.

They present with color and flare that can raise eyebrows. They often choose to push back against authority which can lower eyebrows. And they can be corralled by “general rules”-or labels.

They are often called lazy. Disengaged.

Apathetic. They’re resilience is questioned. As is their ability to communicate.

The list goes on and on. All of it appointed by adults. Sadly such labels are convenient ways of avoiding adult responsibilities or worse still creating adult profits. To approach a young person with a (predetermined) perception is to immediately limit their ability to demonstrate who they (really) are. Whilst barking labels into the air makes for noise which can be spun by media and turned into profit at the expense of the target. And young people are easy targets. Or easily targeted.

My work (predominantly) targets young people.I find them as easy to target as those who want to place labels. The difference is ‘what’ I choose to target. My work revolves creating conversation and relationships,story telling and the non prescriptive critical thinking it generates.I promote vulnerability and empathy both as a speaker and within my audience. And never a one-size-fits-all approach…how could I?

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