Lecture.Power point presentation.How to.How not to.Google meets.Zoom.

The corporate audience has seen it all and suffered through most of it with respect to guest speakers and presenters.
They deserve to be engaged,entertained and enabled to make directional decisions for themselves both at and beyond their workplace. They need a creative,humorous and memorable reminder that the way in which they communicate and the relationships they forge affect the business bottom line and their own.
By focusing on the importance of accurate communication and genuine relationships the conversions I share highlight the undisputed pillars of wholistic success-communications and relationships.
A non-prescriptive approach allows an audience to engage without fear of a ‘wrong’ answer or ‘dumb’ questions.Whilst a curated yet improvised style of storytelling clearly demonstrates to the audience that the conversation is personal (bespoke)-about ‘them’
In a world full of noise providing at least a window to share in ‘our’ reality (our stories) is invaluable to any business.

Set-up information

**Initial conversations should span approximately 2hrs to establish connection and in turn a relationship. Subsequent conversations can be tailored to the audience accordingly (but an hour is generally manageable for all parties – students/staff/timetable/business)
**In order to best share a story the audience needs to be as close to the ‘campfire’ as possible – and free from any other form of distraction (internal or external) This also applies to one on one conversations.
**Off-site conversations are of great value as they not only provide a neutral environment they (potentially) act as a demonstration of investment (both of time and financially) which promotes a sense of personal/group value.



Glenn Manton has been engaging with students and staff in school based settings with workshops for 20 years. Private and public schools alike trust Glenn to educate and entertain their students ensuring personal development days and/or retreats are successful.


Glenn Manton has repeatedly serviced diverse sectors of the corporate world with clients ranging from VISY to the Bendigo Bank repeatedly turning to Glenn to ensure their event, retreat or personal development day is on point.


Audiences sit transfixed when Glenn Manton engages, entertains and educates around subjects such as mentoring, youth, relationships, communication, social-responsibility, leadership, goal setting, decision making and so much more.