“The session was insightful, on point and engaging. Glenn has a style that is unique and his ability to be raw, authentic and open with the group allowed us to dig deep and share our experiences in a safe and valuable way. Feedback from the group was overwhelmingly positive and it was great putting together something that was refreshing and compelling but still achieved its objective.”
Estelle Lewis
Ikon Services
“As a highly trained teacher and ex professional sportsman, he has applied both his training & experience to working with young people. Currently, as the Director of PULL, he facilitates workshops for young people, assisting them to understand their intrinsic motivations, and building their confidence to make a positive contribution to society His workshops are unique in their ability to engage and provoke.The overall effect being empowering.”
David Parkin OAM
AFL Legend
“His energetic and personable delivery style was very engaging, catering easily for a group of 50 people ranging from early 20s to early 60s. The time went incredibly quickly and many of our staff commented on how powerful Glenn’s presentation was; not only was it relevant to our work with students but also in our own lives and relationships.”
Duncan Cant
Principal, Old Orchad Primary School
“We have a lot of presenters coming through this place and I get to experience most of them… yesterday was something special.” (Was a pleasure to be part of your workshop, and much respect to you for the work you’re doing with young people)
John Holton
Communications Manager, Bendigo Senior Secondary College
“Glenn has been an invaluable resource to the school over the last 5 years in his capacity to delivery raw, real and compelling pastoral care programs to our middle school and senior school students. The impact he has on students and staff is profound and I cannot recommend his programs highly enough. Glenn’s unique ability to level with young people and see them in their way is truly special. The rapport he develops is instantaneous and the effect he has on them long lasting”
Michael Moreira
HOY 11 Trinity Grammar School, Kew
“Glenn has a natural ability to work with all ages, proven when Glenn was asked to speak with staff, students and parents. On all three occasions Glenn delivered an experience that provoked, motivated and engaged audiences to reflect and act on opportunities presented to us all no matter what age. Glenn makes a difference.”
Daniel Thomas
Head of Primary, Professional Learning Teacher, Billanook College
“Glenn's obvious command of his audience was evident to all. His humour, ability to challenge the orthodoxy, and help the audience see their own personal ability to influence others was second to none.Glenn's story telling and honesty was clearly a highlight.”
Lisa Alexander
Former Head Coach, Australian Diamonds Netball Team
‘Honestly, even now, I still reflect on this session. The way that Glenn was able to facilitate us having excellent conversations with simple prompts reminded me how easy and important it is to get to know those that we work with more ---- everyone has something interesting to share! But more than that, I loved how genuinely curious he was - the subtle probing questions Glenn asked off the back of our first answer always led to some really interesting insights.’
‘The session with Glenn Manton allowed us time to talk about interesting and thoughtful things with our colleagues and connect in a way that rarely occurs in an office environment. It helped to strengthen relationships with peers and understand each other better on a human level.’
'The team activity with Glenn was clever in that it put people out of their comfort zones AND created an environment where individuals felt safe to share information about themselves and their experiences. He was very generous to share details about his own life and learnings along the way.'
‘We were looking for a guest speaker who could support our objectives of building connection and trust within our growing team. Glenn’s afternoon with our team couldn’t have done a better job at hitting the brief. He crafted a session that enabled authentic connections to deepen through storytelling, and empowered all of us to be comfortable sharing and connecting with our peers on a new level.’