Stepping into a foreign environment

Stepping into a foreign environment and creating instant connection with a unique audience is but one of the many challenges faced by a guest speaker.

Or at least a good one.

Said environment has to be massaged into a space in which the audience can appreciate intimacy and still feel safe.

The guest speaker needs to be able to create a tension that sparks interest-a sense of commitment-particularly from a younger audience.

The audience needs to be sold,not on gimmick, but rather the vulnerability of the guest speaker…the truth of the experience.And the interest in the guest speakers want to learn of the audience’s experiences.

This is true of an audience of any age,but particularly critical when working with those that are younger.

(Grade 5/6 students)

But don’t take it from me…

We recently invited Glenn Manton to run workshop style sessions with our grade 5/6 students with the aim to challenge their thinking and engage them in self-reflection. Glenn has a wonderful way of connecting with kids through his storytelling. The raw, honest and open conversations that were achieved throughout these sessions were unique to each group. The feeling that everyone had a voice and was able to share their own experiences without judgement was exceptional. I can’t recommend Glenn highly enough. He was fantastic.

Nathan Manuel (Lead teacher Nichols Point PS staff)

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