School Dog

Label it however you like therapy,comfort or support a ‘school dog’ is a great addition to any educational setting.

But then again I like dogs.

The school dog has no hierarchal bias,doesn’t discriminate,is flexible,has time and listens well. Each a valuable attribute.

What I’ve come to realize is that I have evolved into a ‘school dog’.
After nearly 30 years of working within and consulting to educational settings I have no doubt that my purpose is to continue that evolution.

I’m the school dog who can not only listen,but process and respond creating channels of unbiased conversation with and between students and throughout schools that support,develop and connect students and staff alike.The school dog can’t engage in a physical development session,can’t conduct a series of neutral background interviews or create a 5 week personal development block.These are examples of the types of requests schools are putting forward-regularly.

Private, public,Catholic or otherwise schools are looking for ways to connect with (understand),
further develop and generally ‘better’ their students. And said interest is on the rise,particularly given our Covid affected world (community).

Mentoring/development is fast becoming a forgotten art-but what better ‘canvas’ for it to be utilized than a school?The time has come to re-think the approach and the title.I for one am happy to be considered a upright 4 legged friend.

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