Author Malcom Gladwell popularized the ‘rule’ that 10,000 hours

Author Malcom Gladwell popularized the ‘rule’ that 10,000 hours of intensive practice provides for mastery of ones craft whether that be playing the violin,computer programming or public speaking. Gladwells rule doesn’t delve into the quality of the teaching behind the practice or other important contributing factors such as the motivators or quality of the practice but it is a good starting point for critique-or the provision of a question.When speaking with Primary or Secondary aged students what background and experience is required? Having spent years in the classroom before transitioning into a full time (school) speaker I have long since exceeded the 10,000 hour rule-but-that isn’t the 10,000 hours that makes the real difference in my work with young people.

The hours that make the difference are those spent listening to music and appreciating pop culture-most adults lose that connection through lack of interest. And of course time spent carefully curating authentic personal stories that young people can relate to-and learn from.

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