A guest speaker is the wrong ‘idea’.

The ‘idea’ of a guest speaker is wrong.Flat out wrong.You don’t need a guest speaker.You need a guest listener.



You need someone who can read the room.Create an atmosphere.Be themselves-vulnerable.And connect.

All easier said than done. But never more necessary than now-after what we’ve all been through in the spotlight of the last 2 years and will continue to go through in the shadows privately.

Please don’t engage me as a guest speaker.

I can’t play that part.

I care far to much for disruption,

thought and reflection.I value a conversation.And the funny thing is so does your audience,despite all the tech and distraction-they still love a good old fashioned chat.IF you can provide the time and space I can provide the ‘chat’.

I create conversation.And I believe conversation to be much more valuable than ‘just’ speaking.

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