5 “changes” every school could make –

The global pandemic has highlighted that life is not linear.And neither is education.

The disruptions felt throughout our communities can at the very least serve as a catalyst for change.Our (education systems) schools need to


Appreciating the value of (communication)

relationships.The influence of music in normalizing language/social behaviors. And the need to teach ‘life’ beyond a ‘score’ are meaningful starting points.

Thus below I have listed 5 “changes” that schools could choose to make moving forward.

*Dedicated media studies classes across all year levels.

Young people deserve to hear their own voice above a world of noise.

*Weekly staff/student lunches.

Breaking bread builds connection.

*Monthly ‘mentor in residence’ program.


technology,trades and more played out before and with an interactive audience.

*A school focused radio station – students/staff curate and DJ.

An opportunity to influence school atmosphere and culture.

Dedicated “life” economics classes across all year levels. Your “end” score isn’t going to help you navigate divorce,manage your money or create a personal health plan.

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