An important personal/group resource that invites the reader to repeatedly engage with the text in order to think critically and establish personal pathways.
Charlie is approachable and digestible whilst providing the reader with a non-prescriptive challenge of establishing their own truth.
  • What is the truth?
  • Does it even matter anymore?
  • Can you hear your own voice in this noisy world? And what might happen
  • when you do?
  • So many f*cking questions.
  • Over the din of an inner-city café,
  • Charlie sips at the first of his four coffees for the day and stutters his way through a conversation.
  • He may just speak the truth.
  • Or at least something close to it. I’m all ears.
  • He may just speak the truth.
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Per Copy – $10, Class Set 25 -$375