It’s time for real talk.

They often lead to equally challenging questions and comments.
Particularly when the audience is young.Younger than you.And younger than me.
The mainstream media.Social media.Reality.
Young people can’t hear their voice above a world of noise.Adult driven noise.
Adults need to turn the volume down and provide opportunities for young people to engage in conversation that is relevant.Compelling.
And honest.
Conversations with young people need to be inclusive rather than exclusive of their realities.And welcome their voice.
They need to be driven by truth rather than financial constraint or benefit.
Adults need to recognize that a conversation with young people about ‘consent’ has to include a conversation about OnlyFans-no matter how confronting that may be.
Adults can’t talk to young people about ‘respect’ without talking about music-even though that might prove awkward.
Any conversation with young people about ‘success’ (being successful) can’t be had without discussing economics, particularly the economy of loneliness-even though that might land a little close to home.
And you can’t talk to young people full-stop and expect to make any sort of meaningful impression without already having a relationship. A two-way quality relationship. And that’s going to require genuine vulnerability.
Young people juggle many modern relationships already. Each of them uniquely destructive.
Instagram.Tinder. Facebook.
And more.Many more.Each an adult creation.Each without instruction.Each for profit-at the expense of youth in particular.
2020 furthered technological seduction and it’s impact, establishing a so-called ‘new normal’ across all environments including schools.
More financially driven adult spin that offers nothing more than an behavioral excuse.
The new normal is-exactly the same as the old normal.Those that take still take.Those that give still give.Young people look on as passengers.And do an extraordinary job of adjusting.They grow and progress despite adult hurdles.A lack of resilience in youth a myth-adult marketing spin at its best.
Young people are constantly searching for example.They want for instruction.Direction.A look at the map held by adults.
Young people want time and space to process-to think-with support.And without prescription.
They want help.Adult help.Just as we did,when we were young.
Adults need to give and allow young people to take.Share stories.Ask questions.Shed tears.Beam smiles.Laugh.And listen.
The young people I know don’t lack for resilience or discipline but rather for example and exposure.
Adults need to start the conversation.And ensure it’s honest.