Adult mistakes cost young people

The price? Instability. Insecurity. Invisibility. Young people become lost. Cracks open up around them and their potential disappears (down them)
Young people shouldn’t have to pay the price for adult mistakes. Mistakes fueled by politics. And greed.Repeated time and again.As a result young people lose again and again. Their rites of passage cancelled. Their trust in government suspended. Their mental health compromised. And much needed support from their parents tainted as they look to keep their own ‘shit together’. It’s easy to fall between the cracks-to find yourself stuck.Particularly if you are a young person without life experience, networks and well honed ‘tools’.
Life rarely slows down around you, offering a helping hand to pull you up and out at the best of times and this sure as shit isn’t the best of times. But that is exactly what adults need to do-for young people. Young people need to be recognized, attended to and guided out and away from the cracks and towards success.
The Covid-19 pandemic continues to provide opportunities to make change, real change, within our communities. But sadly the cracks that already existed widen and ‘we’ fail to appreciate the vulnerable that teeter about the edges. Young people deserve better.
We all do.